After multiple weeks of travel, found myself content/happy to be home & enjoying our fair weather summer.  With the exception of two hot weeks, temps have been super mild this year — in the 70’s to 80’s with short bursts of rain most afternoons.

Recommitted myself to running on Saturday (felt really good after 4 weeks of healing the knee & laying low).  Running outside shirtless reenergized me – yeah, I think I do like summer…snow can wait for another month, maybe even two 🙂

Woke Sunday with the same Colorado endorphin rush & wanted to hike.  Eldorado Canyon (hiked in May 2012) – I remembered amazing canyon views & a river where Ro could swim.  In the car, done.

Eldorado Canyon is a hidden treasure right in Boulder’s backyard!  Whether it’s hiking amidst the towering sandstone cliffs, picnicking along scenic South Boulder Creek or climbing Eldo’s sheer golden walls, Eldorado Canyon State Park truly has something for everyone!

Sunshine, fair temps – gorgeous weather.  Let Ro take a quick dip in South Boulder Creek, then hit the trail.

Ponderosa pines, amazing canyon views and only 25 minutes from Boulder.  Next time I host flatlanders in Colorado, we’re doing this hike. 3-4 miles roundtrip, not a lot of elevation gain – and did I mention the amazing views?  HA!

Soaked in the river after our hike return until my feet started to numb (mighty chilly water).  Medicine for the soul 🙂


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