Arrived East Coast just after midnight, couple hours shut-eye, then to Boston Harbor for a quick ferry ride across Massachusetts Bay.  Far faster than hours spent driving around the boot, the fast ferry sails directly across the bay in an hour half.  Snoozed for an hour on the trek over while my friends soaked in sun on the deck. Vacation!

Docked, disembarked, tagged my favourite food shack just off the pier & paid $16 cash for a fresh (whole-belly) clam roll.  Same Portuguese lady has worked this stand for years — not the warm n fuzzy type.  She takes orders only from the ‘IN’ window (food is served from the ‘OUT’ window) & only accepts cash.  That said, there’s still sand in the clams on this roll – that’s how fresh this New England treat is.  So…how was it?  I’ll be back – highly recommended 🙂

Changed clothes & still logged a few hours of beach time.  Outdoor seating for dinner.  Aw, yes – this is the life.

Started Day 2 with a run to the beach (Cape Cod Bay) & Day 3 with an even longer beach run to the Atlantic.  Came back soaking wet each time — humidity on the Cape is crazy thick but loved that sea salt smell in the air 🙂

Quick shower, breakfast on the deck, then rented kayaks for a 2-mile trek to Long Point lighthouse – the tip of Cape Cod.

Long Point is a peninsula located in Provincetown, Massachusetts, at the extreme tip of Cape Cod, as it curls back in on itself to create Provincetown Harbor. The Long Point Light was built on this point in 1827. The lighthouse once shared this peninsula with a settlement of fishermen that came to be known as Long Point, Massachusetts. This Provincetown village grew and thrived from 1818 until the late 1850s.

Took 20-30 minutes to regain a comfort level but ultimately LOVE LOVE kayaking.  Super fun sport.

Landed near Long Point lighthouse, snapped some amazing shots (including a pirate ship), then completed my 4 foot hike up to the cross commemorating a fallen WWII soldier.  Ok, I’m using the word ‘hike’ a bit loosely here. LOL!   From Longs Peak, Colorado to Long Point, Massachusetts in a week – that’s a drop from 14,000ft to just over 4 feet.  What a crazy, fun life.

Different day, different beach then dinner & a show.  Tea smoked duck was just as good as I remembered.  WOW!

Spent Monday afternoon in Boston – fish n chips at the Black Rose, followed by a touristy stroll thru Quincy Market, Faneuil Hall, the New England Holocaust Museum & Union Street (one of Boston’s oldest).

3-day weekends end quickly; sad to tell folks good bye.  Quick hug, then hailed a taxi to Logan.

So long Boston, I had a wicked good time!


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