I started this series in January to monitor my marathon progression – journaling biweekly to keep me accountable.  3 days before my Alaska marathon, I’m posting my last ‘Believe-to-Achieve’.

Although I didn’t follow any ‘established’ plan, over the past 6 months I developed a consistent routine listening to my body.  A race a month minimum – check.  Traversed ~ 750 miles, done.

That said, had not yet run a full 26 miles – even in training.  Sunday (June 9th) was my day.

Attended church, then exchanged Sunday shoes for running shoes – goal: 26.5 miles.

16 miles in, seriously needed a bathroom break.  Gotta figure this out – not sure what I’m gonna do on race day 🙁  At mile 23, stopped & puked.  Yeah, this story is not a pretty story – but it’s honest.  Unlike race events, local trails do not include water stations.  Found myself dehydrated in our warmer summer weather.

Legs ached; felt like a rusty bike chain.  Running one fist clenched, I kept moving.  Hardest restart I’ve done in a while.

Home.  26.5 miles – check, done.

(And of course Ro still needed to be walked.  Argh.)

Lost 4 pounds over my marathon weekend (hiked 2 peaks in RMNP & ran 26.5 miles).  4 pounds is a lotta weight – like a contestant on the Biggest Loser.   Scheduled a deep tissue massage on Monday.  Exactly what I needed.

Grizzlies, moose, mosquitoes – bring it.  I’m ready.  Nothing stopping me now!


Movie of the Week

Into the Wild (2007) – still my favourite movie of all-time, first viewing of 2013 – timely, considering my weekend destination. Key difference:  I plan on returning from Alaska, no Magic Bus death pour moi.


Runner Log

Fri May 24th – 5.25 miles

Mon May 27th – RACE DAY (Bolder Boulder 10K)

Wed May 29th – 10.5 miles

Thu May 30th – 5.25 miles

Sat June 1st – RACE DAY (Taste of Louisville Half 13.1 miles)

Wed June 5th – 6 miles

Thu June 6th – 3.25 miles

Fri June 7th – 1.5 miles

Sun June 9th – 26.5 miles

Wed June 12th – 1.5 miles

Thu June 13th – 6.5 miles

Sat June 15th – 7.25 miles

Sun June 16th – 6.75 miles

YTD total – 747 miles


2013.0610 'It Pays Off'

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