Thanks to Colorado friend Annmarie, my weekend started early – Friday night tickets to the Rockies game!  Met up with Annmarie, John and fellow Louisville hiker Lisa near Coors Field for pre-game apps.  Great to see my hiking friends again.  After several weeks of run, run, running, enjoyed the change in conversation.

Casually walked over to the game in the 2nd inning, where the score was already 8-2 Rockies – WOW!  (Coincidentally, my only Rockies game last year ended with the same score – but then, the Rockies lost by 6 runs.)  Being so far ahead, the four of us picked up where we had just left off…laughing & in great conversation.

Lisa & I shopped for Rockies caps as our game day shifted from sunshine to lights.  One lousy 7th inning later, the ballgame was tied up at 9.  Fully plugged in again, Lisa taught me the basics of how to score a game.  Surprisingly complicated.

Took a glance at the time & thought – please no extra innings tonite, I have an early hike tomorrow morning (sorry die-hard baseball fans).  Bottom of the ninth, Rockies are up to bat.  Nolan (something) comes up to plate & I call out to Lisa – this guy needs to hit a homer.  Nolan Arenado does just that – hits a homer and Rockies win 10-9.  How crazy is that?

Super fun start to the weekend!  Go Rockies!


DENVER — Friday night, the Rockies and Padres put Murphy’s Law to the test yet again, as the Rockies staked out an 8-2 lead after two innings, chasing San Diego’s starter from the field in the third, only to see their comfortable cushion disappear along with every ray of daylight dividing the two teams, as the Padres staged a five-run rally in the seventh inning to tie the game at 9.


Any sense of suspense, any threat of extra innings with a depleted bench and bullpen, and any hint of deja vu after losing in 12 innings Thursday night were banished when Rockies rookie third baseman Nolan Arenado led off the bottom of the ninth and drilled the third pitch he saw high into the left-field seats for his first career walk-off home run, handing a 10-9 victory to the Rockies.


Rockies-Padres game

Rockies-Padres game

bottom of the 9th homer - Rockies win!

bottom of the 9th homer – Rockies win!


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