Just 5 days ago ran my fastest 10K at the BolderBoulder – next up, the Taste of Louisville Half Marathon.

Far fewer folks running this race than Monday’s 54,000+ participants in Boulder.  That said, really enjoy supporting my local hometown – and most of this race was run on trail (better on the knee than road racing).

Goal today was to stick to marathon pacing (& simmer my competitive juices).  Followed a lady matching my stride for 3 miles – but then she dropped off.   Ho hum.  Next was ‘coughing’ guy who stayed just wing-span behind me ‘til mile 6.  Small hill, he finally lost the lung or took an oxygen break.  At mile 8, followed a guy my age who consistently out-kicked me uphill, but whom I later passed at the 10 mile water station.

Mile 12 – Aquarius Hill.  Why a huge hill so near the end?  Ugh.  Saw it coming but kept thinking the race route would loop around the hill – not straight UP.  Double ugh.  Made peace with the situation and focused on running UP – not walking like many of the competitors ahead of me.  Can’t say I ran much faster than their walk – did this more as a mental victory.

Last half-mile finished on Main Street (literally right into the Taste of Louisville).  Because this last section was flat, I caught a glimpse of the ‘Finish Line’ early.  Sucked up air & decided to sprint  — picking up serious pace.  Passed tens of confused runners wondering where the heck I’d been hiding all this time.

Crowd cheered my fast finish & the race announcer called out my name – that was kinda cool 🙂

Finish Time: 1:53.37 – 49th overall, 7th in my age group


3 races over 13 days – taking a break.

Watching Rockies/Padres game Friday night, climbing RMNP’s Hallett Peak Saturday morning.


Taste of Louisville Half Marathon

Taste of Louisville Half Marathon

2013 Door of Fame

2013 Door of Fame


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