Wouldn’t be a Colorado vacation without lotta hiking & guilt-free dining.

Kicked off the long weekend at my favourite Louisville restaurant, Zucca’s.  Italian food, outdoor seating – what’s not to love?  I’m a fish lover so enjoyed fresh trout but rest assured our table devoured their share of pasta.  Super excited to have Ash, Tom & Stephen here thru Monday. Good reason to drop off my fairly restrictive marathoner diet!

Up & out early on Friday – whitewater rafting day plus a quick mile-half trek up to St. Mary’s Glacier in Alice/Idaho Springs.  Thought it’d help acclimate my East Coast visitors to our higher elevation.  Tough 1st day hike at 10,300 ft & snow but still captured lotta Flatlander smiles in my pics.  Morning highlights: drinking glacial water & running downhill thru knee-deep snow Killian Jornet style’.  Awesome start to any Colorado day!

Kicked back & finished Friday with Mexican food on the outdoor patio at Louisville’s Casa Alegre.

Saturday was official ‘hike day’.  Had targeted Lake Isabelle but was Mother Nature-limited to Long Lake.  Just past Brainard, we hit knee-to-waist high snow.  Generally the snow pack supported our weight but found ourselves post-holing more than a few times (which made portions of today’s hike akin to an elliptical workout).  Hiking in snow & t-shirts – true Colorado experience!

Enjoyed BBQ in Nederland (remembered this tasty place from Frozen Dead Guy Days in March).

Awoke Sunday to ‘man-catching’  beignets at Lucile’s (Ashton’s fave), then walked 2 miles at nearby Wonderland Lake in North Boulder (no food guilt here – bring it :)).  I chose this nearby trek to show off the newborn prairie dogs (a local landscaping nuisance but cool zoo-like experience for visiting Jerseyites).  Strolled Pearl Street (a tourist must-do) & took in lunch at Boulder’s West End with Tom’s aunt/cousin Robin.  ROCKSTAR life – outdoor seating 4 nights in a row!

Food, fun & hiking – super sad to see my guests go home!

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