Just back from sea level, less than a week to altitude adjust my running for May’s race – the Colfax Half Marathon in Denver.

Was sucking wind at 3 miles on Monday’s training run but by Thursday not only hit my stride, but ran 20 miles – my longest distance run in 2013.  So…on Sunday I felt super confident – this being my 3rd half marathon of 2013.

Overslept my 4 a.m. alarm on Sunday (race day) by 45 minutes so rushed around, quickly walked Ro & barreled down the highway headed for the Denver Zoo (official race parking).  Parking was already full at 5:45 a.m. (argh) but luckily found on-street parking only another 5 minutes away.  Whew – now I could kick back and relax ‘til the 7 a.m. start time.

For today’s race I was able to use my time in Moab (my first Half in March) to qualify for a lower race wave.  AWESOME!  So instead of running in the thick of 3,000 people, I qualified for E corral (5th wave) & wasn’t blocked in by so many bodies.

My time goal was to beat last month’s Fort Collins time at just under 2 hours.  Focused on going out fast (kinda risky) in an effort to catch “C” wave which started almost 4 minutes ahead of me…and then maintain pace ’til race finish.

Raced thru the Zoo between miles 2 & 3, then caught & followed ‘C’ wave just past mile 5.  Despite running 20 miles only 3 days prior, I felt zapped at 12 miles.  My pace started dropping off fast.  Finish line ahead.  Relieved then stunned.

Ran a 2013 personal best today 1:49.42 – a full 10 minutes faster than last month’s Half Marathon.  That’s why my energy was zapped. Additionally, raised money for my charity of choice – Autism Speaks.  Enjoyed BBQ & Blues AND still managed to shower & attend church. Busy day.  Did I mention ‘Personal Best’?  Woo-hoo!  Only 34 days left ’til my Alaska marathon.

Congratulations #6126 K R HAGA!
Here are your results for the Kaiser Permanente Colfax Marathon:

Your final time is 01:49:42.
You finished 672 out of 5165 in the HALF MARATHON.


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