Work days, weekends, vacation – haven’t missed a day in May.  That’s 16 straight runs.

Capped off these past 2 weeks with a 20 mile run last night – my longest run ever in 2013.  Only 36 days to go ‘til my Alaska marathon so I needed to complete this run to stay mentally strong.  I needed to know that I could run distance after two weeks of 5 mile pace runs. I arrived home at 11pm, caked in dried chalky salt – no sweat, just salt.

2 Half Marathons & a 10K scheduled over the next 16 days – then A-L-A-S-K-A!


  • Surpassed not only 500 miles YTD, but 600 miles as well


Campy Movie(s) of the Week – not classics, but fun

Rocky III (1982) – talk about a movie that didn’t age well; think Jersey Housewives set to VH1 music clips, gynormous cell phones, big hair & Mr. T.   ‘Eye of the tiger’ vs. ‘I pity da’ fool’.

Guilt Trip (2012) – only received 2.5 stars but laugh-out-loud funny moments in this road trip flic starring Seth Rogen & Barbara Streisand.  Got to tell ya, I rented this movie for Seth Rogen but it’s Streisand who is INCREDIBLE.  I wouldn’t buy a copy but also don’t begrudge the $1.30 RedBox rental fee.


Runner Log

Sat Apr 20th – 1 mile trail run

Sun Apr 21st – RACE DAY (Horsetooth Half Marathon 13.1 miles, Ft Collins CO)

Mon Apr 22nd – 1 hour BIKE

Wed May 1st – 4.5 miles

Thu May 2nd – 5.25 miles

Fri May 3rd – 5.25 miles

Sat May 4th – 5.25 miles

Sun May 5th – 5.25 miles

Mon May 6th – 5.25 miles

Tue May 7th – 5.25 miles

Wed May 8th – 5.25 miles

Thu May 9th – 5 miles (Mexico)

Fri May 10th – 4.14 miles plus 1.5 miles beach run (Mexico)

Sat May 11th – 5.86 miles (Mexico)

Sun May 12th – 5 miles (Mexico)

Mon May 13th – 3 miles

Tue May 14th – 5.25 miles

Wed May 15th – 8.25 miles

Thu May 16th – 20 miles

YTD total – 608.6 miles (plus 12.5 hours BIKE)


2013.0516 'Sore'

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