More than a foot of snow over Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday…again.  What to do on the weekend when your dog has cabin fever? HIKE.  And even better – how ‘bout a group DOG hike? 🙂

Friends John & Annmarie joined Lisa & me (our new Louisville-based member) for a Saturday morning group hike leaving from NCAR (National Center for Atmospheric Research) in Boulder.  This was not just a group hike – it was a group DOG hike.  Joining Ro today was Fred, Penny & Karma.  Within 10 minutes on Mesa Trail, I was effectively guilted into ditching Ro’s leash – and boy did he have a BLAST!   Initially, he looked confused – ‘Dad, my leash is off” – but then ran wildly in circles, leaping through snow & chasing Penny (the dog closest his age – both a year-half old).  Snow, water, mud – first with our pack, then Ro’d get confused and join other hikers’ dogs ‘til I’d call out to rejoin his posse.

A mile half to Chautauqua & Karma (Annmarie’s Jack Russell) was shivering uncontrollably.  Her little body was no match for the deep snow on today’s trail.  Annmarie & Lisa headed back to NCAR while John & I forged ahead to Royal Arch.

(NOTE: We all discussed first. I jumped out of a plane with Annmarie 7 days ago, gonna road trip together to Yosemite. Desert her on a local day hike? Come ‘on, get serious. Just calling it out.)

The trail UP deteriorated quickly — snow & ice slowed our pace.  That said, what a great Colorado workout!  And all happening the day before my 2nd half marathon – FAAANNNTASTIC!

Took a few minutes to enjoy the summit view overlooking Boulder.  Chatted it up with 4 other hikers, all with Northeast ties. Boston was today’s common theme – my Red Sox cap spurring conversation around Monday’s marathon bombings.  Trail ran down with Ro, inspired by my newest sports hero Kilian Jornet.

HIKING in Colorado — the ultimate weekend go-to activity in sun, snow or mud.  LOVE LOVE this place!



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