Been a bit bummed this month because of my right knee.  Doc says it’s just inflamed, no ligament tear – but to halt running for 4-6 weeks. However if I keep it iced, I can still run with pain & most likely do no damage.  That was the positive rendering of his diagnosis – should I not heed his advice of immobility.

So I put it to prayer (sorry in advance for getting spiritual in my blog).  I believe my God can produce miracles or will provide (mental) comfort/peace if physical healing is not in the cards.

Happy to report I’m running again with little to no pain & on target to complete my 2nd half-marathon in Fort Collins 🙂

Additionally, I booked my June flight to Anchorage with an extra day on the front-end to sea kayak & join a glacier night hike. Life’s meant to be LIVED!  The goal was to complete a marathon, not win.  No regrets!


Movie of the Week

“Lars and the Real Girl” (2007) – laugh-out-loud funny, yet charming story set in Minnesota – which means they have those crazy cool accents;  Ryan Gosling was nominated for a Golden Globe, Patricia Clarkson also rocked as Dagmar, Lars’ doctor.


Runner Log

Sun Mar 31st  – 1 mile plus 7.25 miles trail running

Sat Apr 6th – 4 hours BIKE

Sun Apr 7th – 4 miles, 4.75 miles trail running plus 3 hours BIKE

Sun Apr 14th – 8.25 miles

Tue Apr 16th – 10.5 miles

Wed Apr 17th – 13.5 miles, 1 hour BIKE

Thu Apr 18th – 3.5 hours BIKE

YTD total – 495.25 miles & 11.5 hours BIKE


2013.0418 'Try'

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2 Responses to Believe-to-Achieve Thursday: TRY

  • Darlene Rogers says:

    Don’t ever apoligize for being spiritual at anytime. After all would you really want to think God takes time off watching over you if it it seems to be the wrong place or time? Glad you are back on your running schedule

    • Not apologizing for my spirituality & beliefs. I’ve truly been blessed 10x over. Life’s meant to be LIVED & experienced & there are so many many more firsts in my future…all because I am firmly grounded & comfortable in my own skin.

      Just cognizant not to cross the line between sharing my beliefs vs. pushing my spirituality on others. Everyone must trek their own life journey…on their own time line unfortunately. Otherwise I would have held this life confidence 20 years ago! Love you! 🙂

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