Tue April 9th SNOW – 14.5 inches

The system dumped a record 14.5 inches of snow in Boulder and also broke a record low temperature early Wednesday morning.


The previous record for an April 9 snowfall was 11.8 inches, set in 1989. By 6 p.m. Tuesday, Boulder saw 13.1 inches of snow, and the city recorded 14.5 over the entire course of the storm, according to local meteorologist Matt Kelsch.


The storm also brought a large swing in temperatures.


After a high of 62 on Monday, temperatures in Boulder skidded all the way down to 2 degrees just after 6 a.m. Wednesday, breaking the record low for the day of 5, set April 10, 1959.

Mon April 15th SNOW – 13.9 inches

Boulder saw 13.9 inches of snow throughout Monday’s snow storm, according to local meteorologist Matt Kelsch. Temperatures this morning also dipped to 22, just one off the record low of 21 for April 16 set in 1947.


After the record snowfall prompted a rare snow day Monday, the University of Colorado announced this morning it will re-open the campus today.

UPDATE:  Mon April 22nd SNOW –  10.2 inches

After heavy overnight snowfall, Boulder has set a new record for snow in the month of April at almost four feet, according to local meteorologist Matt Kelsch.


Boulder saw 10.2 inches of snow as of 7 a.m. today, bringing the total snowfall for the month of April to 46.2 inches, breaking the previous record of 44 set in 1957.


Boulder also saw a record-low temperature of 20 degrees this morning, breaking the old record for April 23 of 22 degrees.


Today was one of those days where you hate to go into work.

With more than a foot of fresh powder (yeah, in April), would have rather popped on snow-shoes & taken Ro for a long hike in the mountains.  The consistency of spring snow is moisture heavy but still akin to powdered sugar.  LOVE lacing up my boots and watching Ro furrow his head under snow drifts higher than his being.  No matter the month – Ro LOVES snow!

After our walk, Ro maintains his head high/bouncing gait into the house, takes a drink, then quickly resettles upstairs on our king sleigh bed – enjoying a ‘Pride Rock’ view of the snow pummeled neighborhood below.  He can lay there for hours – growling low as he warns of coyotes, rabbits or other neighborhood dogs.  (No outdoor cats in my ‘hood, coyotes take care of that within days.)

Spring & summer will be here soon enough.  Sure I’m eager to climb my first 14er of the year but no need rushing through ‘snow season’ (albeit late into April).  4 more inches forecasted tomorrow.

Sunshine dreaming before my next scheduled half marathon — this weekend in Fort Collins 🙂

Avalanche Warning - Colorado spring season!

Avalanche Warning – Colorado spring season!



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2 Responses to April SNOW

  • Joyce E. Nichols says:

    Ro and you are definitely a perfect match. You both have a real passion for snow & hiking!

    • Ro’s having a hard time finding a perfect potty spot now that the snow is above his head. Taking him hiking in Lyons on Saturday with friends with dogs. Ro’s a dog lover – will be a good day for him!

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