Like they say: ‘What doesn’t kill you, makes you Stronger’  🙂

  • Completed my first half marathon of 2013 AND surpassed 400 miles YTD
    • right knee ligament strain
    • blister/calluses on left foot
    • dropped a toe nail on right foot &
    • needed a Benadryl shot after an unexpected food allergy to Kashi bars

UPDATE: Woke up mentally strong today and ready to hit it hard for April.  Adding only minimal mileage next month, focused on hill running, pace & consistency.  Might even add an April fitness goal – xx push-ups a day?


Movie(s) of the Week

“Argo” (2012 Oscar Best Picture winner) – Iranian hostage thriller

“Doctor Zhivago” (2002 British mini-series & 1965 Golden Globe Best Picture winner) – WOW!

Thought this was strictly a love story so previously never made the attempt.  Typical Russian novel: intense love/hopeless heartache, artistic beauty/graphic conflict & of course, concludes with a death.  Having lived in Russia for 3 years (albeit not during the Revolution), I appreciated this dark rollercoaster drama.


Book-a-Month Goal/March

‘The Art of Racing in the Rain’ by Garth Stein – written from a dog’s point-of-view; my favourite book YTD


Runner Log

Sat Mar 16th – RACE DAY (Canyonlands Half Marathon 13.1 miles, Moab UT)

Wed Mar 20th – 4 miles

Thu Mar 21st – 10 miles

Sat Mar 23rd – 2.25 miles

Sun Mar 24th – 10.65 miles

Mon Mar 25th – 11 miles

Wed Mar 27th – 10 miles

YTD total – 446 miles

2013.0328 'Stronger'






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2 Responses to Believe-to-Achieve Thursday: STRONGER

  • Joyce Nichols says:

    Wow what a time you had!
    Do you by chance have a hammer toe on the one you lost the nail on? That was the problem I had with a toe nail that I would lose from jogging.
    What are you allergic to in Kashi bars?
    What is your goal for total miles jogged for the year?

    • Not sure what I could be allergic to in a Kashi bar – most all of the ingredients are items I eat on a daily basis. But it was only item out of the norm in my diet…which is fairly consistent these days – veggies, fruits & nuts. Once or twice a week I add fish…that’s it. Nothing super crazy or exotic. Either way, the Benadryl shot did the trick…almost completely bump-free literally over night 🙂

      No set total mile goal – just tracking for motivation. My Alaska marathon in June is the ultimate goal – only 3 months to go!

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