One of my former co-workers Emily posted on Facebook: “Sometimes the weekends with no plans end up being the best ones! Feeling relaxed and refreshed!” AGREED!

More than 10 inches of late season snow accumulated over Friday nite/Saturday.  This is Colorado, it happens — but rarely on a lazy Saturday morning.  Timing for this storm ROCKED!

Ro & I wrestled for an hour in the early a.m., watched FREE movies over the snowy weekend (thanks Louisville library) & of course, enjoyed multiple walks in our ‘hood – around both Hecla & Waneka lakes.  Good times!

Gonna be a dry hot summer, I’m not rushing Spring (take note East Coasters).  Can prepare tax returns next week – really any excuse to delay filing would have worked 🙂


2013.0323 Sno Ro (short clip)

catching snowflakes Colorado style

catching snowflakes Colorado style



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One Response to lazy Saturday morning/catching snowflakes

  • Joyce Nichols says:

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! I love you Ro and can see why you don’t like the warmer weather! Love you too nephew!

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