Happy March – Happy Ski Day!

Stephen made the cross-country trek from New Hampshire to enjoy our Colorado powder AND to visit Ro of course.

[Aside – Ro will make a blog return for Spring hiking season.  Appreciate everyone’s emails & comments :)]

Warm weather weekend but still lotta snow on the slopes after last Wednesday’s blizzard.  Headed out early to Eldora after dropping Ro for the day at his pal Molly’s house.  Next year I’ll venture past Eldora – still my first year of downhilling.

Grabbed a half day lesson with Wilf, a veteran German ski instructor (> 40 years of experience).  Most of us feared Wilf but I did learn additional skills (Christie turns) to help improve traversing.

Still believe the key is to stay aggressive, show no fear.  Skied Blue this day (bit embarrassing at my age but not crazy horrible after only 2 downhill lessons).  Love the challenge of tightening turns.  The tighter the turn, the more snow I spray & the more physical the sport becomes (the part I like).  ALSO helps to maintain some semblance of control.

Fun day – always fun skiing with friends.

All said, ready to x-country ski again.  Easier on my wallet, love the back country isolation & enjoy the workout.  Next year, think I’m investing in x-country skis and an annual pass to RMNP.

LOVING all the possibilities in my Colorado life!

Happy March 2013!

Happy March 2013!

Colorado powder

Colorado powder










learned 'Christies' from instructor Wilf

learned ‘Christies’ from instructor Wilf

1st time Skiing 'Blue'

1st time Skiing ‘Blue’












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