Sunny day & 40 degrees in Littleton Colorado – sooooo much warmer than my first race in January.

Had been running 10 miles+ all week; took Friday off.  When Saturday morning arrived, still found myself with stomach butterflies before the actual event.  Training solo & running with a crowd – totally different energy.

Arrived almost an hour early, picked up my racing bib & snapped a shot by the giant Start Line snowman.

Today’s race was also the RRC’s 10 mile championship race (Road Runners Club of America).  What that means was fewer of us weekend warriors and more lean athletes all jockeying for a place near the front.

After the initial shock of wow – we’re now running, it’s finally happening – I settled into my training pace, approx 8 minute miles.  Not super fast but the plan was to finish strong – and stay consistent with pace.

Started targeting other runners ahead of me for motivation after 7.5 miles – but didn’t chump out until mile 9.  Kept it at a run but my pace dropped off significantly.  That said, looked strong crossing the Finish Line – and no paramedics were called 🙂

Overall finished top 30% and 12th in my age group.

At this rate if I can just stay alive, expect to win my age group by the time I turn 80.  Moab in 30 days!


167  12/27     220 K R Haga 1:27:27

Snowman Stampede 10M race

Snowman Stampede 10M race











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