Lotta small victories to celebrate last week.

  • Completed my first 10 mile run of the year.
  • Ran more than 100 miles in January – great kick-off to my 2013 Resolution!
  • Completed not only one goal race in January, but two.
  • AND finished my first book cover-to-cover in over 2 years.  Still have 5 more books at home which I’ve either received as loaners from friends or as Christmas gifts.


Movie of the Week

Good Will Hunting – wicked smart guy from Southie (1997 Best Picture nominee, totally robbed by Titanic)


Book-a-Month Goal/January

‘Heaven is for Real’ by Todd Burpo


Runner Log

Fri Jan 25th – 5.75 miles

Sat Jan 26th – RACE DAY (SnowDash Xtreme 5K, Winter Park CO)

Sat Jan 26th PM – 4 miles

Sun Jan 27th – 8 miles

Mon Jan 28th – 8.25 miles

Tue Jan 29th – 10 miles

Thu Jan 31st – 5.25 miles

YTD total – 101.20 miles

2013.0131 'Push Yourself'

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3 Responses to Believe-to-Achieve Thursday: PUSH YOURSELF

  • Sarah says:


    this is something I needed to hear this week. I have so many good intentions, dreams and ideas of what-i-should-be-doing-right-now. But it seems like that’s where they stay… intentions and dreams… I’m going to have to figure out a way to push out of my ‘head’-vision of what I know I should be doing… to make it a reality of my body actually doing it?

    Hmmmm I think I’m rambling on like a crazy woman. I just wish I could stick a plan through…instead of quitting before I even start, because I dont’ think I can do it. Because honestly, that’s not really working for me.

    Thanks for inspiring me…and reminding me that “no one else is going to push me…I need to do that myself!”

    • Gotta set goals that are worth reaching. Noticed you hit your pic a day resolution for January. No problem, right? Celebrate each small victory, they’ll amass to something BIG. You’re a ROCKSTAR Sarah! I’m a HUGE fan! 🙂

      • Sarah says:

        …and i’ve only managed to take 2 photos for Feb…and it’s the 6th! Need to focus again I guess… I’m not sure what’s wrong with me… LOL 🙂

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