Most of my blogger friends maintain a standard weekly post – ‘Wordless Wednesday’.

For me, 2013-first half will beBelieve to Achieve’ Thursdays – created specifically to keep me on track in my marathon training.  Best way to SUCCEED is to celebrate small victories & document/chart my progress.


Movie of the Week

Rocky (original) – the ultimate underdog movie (& 1976 Best Picture winner)


Runner Log

Sat Jan 12th – RACE DAY (Quicker Quaker 5K, Lafayette CO)

Sun Jan 13th – 3.25 miles

Mon Jan 14th – 3.25 miles

Tue Jan 15th – 4.25 miles

Wed Jan 16th – 3.25 miles

Thu Jan 17th – 5.25 miles

Fri Jan 18th – 5.25 miles

Sat Jan 19th – 3.25 miles

Sun Jan 20th – 7.75 miles

Mon Jan 21st – 7.75 miles

Tue Jan 22nd – 5.25 miles

Wed Jan 23rd – 5.25 miles

YTD total – 56.85 miles


2013.0124 'No Fear'

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