Cross country skiing 2 weeks ago, today was Downhill day.  Can’t live in Colorado without attempting our #1 sport.

Travelled to Eldora with my Colorado friends, Annmarie & John, who patiently baby-sat thru lesson sign-up & equipment rental – before dropping me off at Ski School & hitting the slopes independently (both already experienced skiers).

Made fast friendships with 3 folks at Ski School before our class was split because of size.  Our first 2 hours (before lunch break) was super elementary because of varying skill levels within the group — consisting of me, a lady named Kate, a CU sorority & 4 guys from Pakistan. Pairing was like a reality show social experiment.

After lunch our group was split again based on ability level – and FINALLY hit the slopes!  (Getting down the basics is essential but who doesn’t want to ‘ski’ after you’ve enrolled in Ski School? :))  Me & my new all-girl group learned to traverse – and most important, how to STOP.  Didn’t want to end up wrapped around a tree 2 ski outings in a row.

Had to endure riding the ‘Magic Carpet’ before graduating to the beginner’s ski lift.  Riding the ‘Magic Carpet’ was our Ski Class, a blind skiing group (literally BLIND), and thousands of wunderkinder.  Yeah…a slightly humiliating experience.

wunderkind [ˈwʌndəˌkɪnd (German) ˈvʊndərˌkɪnt]

1. a child prodigy

2. a person who is exceptionally successful in his field while still young

Everything AFTER the ski lift – AWESOME!   Skiing is definitely in my blood.  LOVED it!  I think the key is being aggressive & showing no fear (like a wunderkind).  Once you start over-thinking, you end up on your backside – in a pile with others.

Completely hooked!  LOVE this sport, LOVE this place!  Think I’ll buy a season pass next year.


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2 Responses to downhill day & Ski School

  • Sarah says:

    …yahoo for a ski day! You are making me jealous…I spent my winter’s on a ski hill (small hill compared to CO standards)..but still had so much fun skiing! Downhill AND X-Country… I’m hoping to get my X-country out and going for a ski to find the sun when I get back home this weekend!

    • X-country skiing again this weekend in Rocky Mountain Nat’l Park. My friends John & Annmarie located a low-cost ski rental place near the park in Estes. YES! My dog Ro’s had ‘play-date Saturday’ almost every weekend this year (poor Molly…she’s 7 years old & probably tiring of his puppy enthusiasm). 2 race weekends, 2 ski weekends, finished my 1st book in probably a year, and running 8 miles daily (but still not really lovin’ it) – gonna CRUSH another New Year’s resolution this year 🙂

      Look forward to seeing your ski pics in Pang. Windy but LOVE your landscape!

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