January – new year, new resolutions.

Honestly, have found it difficult to start & maintain my 2013 Resolutions.  I’m not much of a reader and have ‘reading’ targets in 2013.  I hate running thus far and have a marathon goal in 2013.  AND kicked off the New Year sick.  Ho hum.

mid-January FAST FORWARD — 7 consecutive days of running, 3 consecutive days of drinking 100 oz of water, dozens of bananas consumed (my 2013 power fruit) & rededicated FOCUS to LIVE SIMPLY.

Can’t say that everything has ‘clicked’ & I’ve found a resolution rhythm yet, but today I feel stronger.

I CAN do this.  I think the key is consistency and enjoying life treats along the way.

Last night was ‘80’s movie night – Flash Gordon.  ROCKSTAR flic!  Fun music, horrible acting, low-budget campy fun.

Donated another pint of my finest B+ today (it’s been 60 days) AND Saturday I’m downhill skiing with Annmarie & John (‘though wearing a helmet this time — still wearing bruises from tree hugging 2 weeks ago :)).

MOVE, LIVE NOW!  2013 is gonna be an amazing year!

'80's movie night - Flash Gordon

’80’s movie night – Flash Gordon












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