8 degrees and light snow – SUPER COLD start to my first race of the year.  YIKES!

Bundled up and on a mission this day – gonna kick-off my 2013 New Year’s Resolution & of course, enjoy a huge bowl of Quaker oatmeal at Lafayette Colorado’s Oatmeal Festival.

Folks: Not gonna spin this happy, had not run since December 1st.  Today’s time was 2 minutes faster than my Colder Boulder finish – which isn’t soooo bad considering the cold & my lack of any prep.  I did finish.  But yeah, I was sucking wind.

UPDATE:  Fast forward 2 days, have logged in an additional 6 miles in single digit temps.  Think it takes 3 weeks to start & successfully create lasting change.  Day 3 – still hate running (just calling it out — in the event others are also struggling with 20-13 goals).  For me it’s nothing physical, all completely mental.  No run rhythm, pace akin to speed walking 🙁 & I’m clock-watching before I finish 2 miles.  Ugh.  Change is not easy.

Something positive…hmmm.

I have finally started this year’s Resolution.  I’m gonna do this; this WILL happen – just gotta keep my eye on the prize.  Expect to see pics from my 2013 target marathon in Anchorage Alaska on June 23rd.

How cool is that – ALASKA!


Results for K R Haga:

You placed 185th out of 654 finishers in a time of 27:37 for a pace of 8:54 per mile. Your chip time was 27:30.

2013 Quicker Quaker 5K

2013 Quicker Quaker 5K


weathered COLD 8° temp w/ Brett & Austin

weathered COLD 8° temp w/ Brett & Austin

heaping bowl o' oatmeal

heaping bowl o’ oatmeal












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One Response to January race: Quicker Quaker 5K

  • Sarah says:

    I feel your pain about the running thing, but admire your ability to make a plan and stick with it! That’s awesome…. So you will be running your marathon in Anchorage, Alaska on June 23rd…while I’ll be road tripp’n it up crazy awesome style with 4 bloggin’ friends in the Yukon! (We will be so close yet, so far away… you should really plan to cross the boarder to visit Dawson City, Yukon!) 🙂 S

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