Ho hum, had to work on Saturday – so no hike, right?  You kidding?  AND we’re gonna have our first white Christmas in years…which means SNOW.  There’s my motivation: quick Christmas Eve hike before holiday SNOW.  Lovin’ life!

Planned to hike Green Mountain in Boulder for #51 (yep, year’s almost over!)  Departed from Gregory Canyon trailhead but unfortunately an hour half later, I arrived back at Gregory Canyon trailhead.  How does that even happen?  ARGH!  Been almost 3 months since I’ve been lost on a hike.  So could either try try again (which I’ve done before) or try an impromptu ‘Plan B’ hike (which I’ve also done before :))

Plan B: Flagstaff Mountain.  Departed from Gregory Canyon trailhead and an hour half later, summited Flagstaff Mountain in Boulder (just under 7,000 ft elevation).  Easy hike up, light snow path, beautiful panorama of pines and boulders.

Flagstaff Mountain is a mountain located just west of downtown Boulder, Colorado, Colorado.  It offers stunning daytime and night-time views of Boulder, Denver and the surrounding mountains. There are hiking and bike trails, picnic areas, the Summit Nature Center, and an outdoor amphitheatre.

Saw multiple signs warning of a Dec 20th mountain lion sighting so stayed super alert as Ro & I were completely alone on today’s hike.  Hard to believe more people wouldn’t be out hiking on Christmas Eve – LOL>

Flagstaff is road accessible all the way to the top – super popular with cyclists.  Our trail crisscrossed the road 6 times before summit success – garnished with 2 shelters (one stone, one wood) and rows of picnic tables.  BEAUTIFUL view (and only 20 minutes from my Louisville home)!  Gotta do this again next summer 🙂

Flagstaff will be Ro’s last hike of 2012.  What a great hiking companion!  Finishing up my New Year’s challenge next weekend in New Hampshire – and ringing in 2013 with East Coast friends.  What an amazing ride – LOVE LOVE LOVE my Colorado life!


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