Holiday season can be a tough time mentally – really had to push myself out of the house to bang out hike #50.  But…once I got motivated, picked an amazing winter trail – Chicago Lakes in the Mt Evans Wilderness Area, just west of Denver.

Glad to have my Hike Challenge – forced me outside.  Decided I needed SNOW to help clear my funk.  AND Ro couldn’t have been more ready – after spending the previous week sequestered with his friend Molly (while I travelled to humid Orlando).

Chicago Lakes is approx an hour half from my home.  Trailhead start at Echo Lake where it was just me & Ro – and an ice fishing couple.

Cold day!  Hiked with almost all my extras this day – hat, gloves, multiple layers plus a coat, long johns, bungee leash for Ro & poles.  Forgot my crampons – hit more than one icy patch this day, will remember crampons next winter hike.’s hike description said moderate to strenuous.  Psyched.  Pines lined our day trek since we stayed below 12,000 ft. BEAUTIFUL! – ya’ll know I’m a HUGE FAN of our uber tall lodgepole pines.

Less than 2 miles in, we reached the Mt Evans Wilderness Area – where everything beautiful and serene increased 1000%.  Walked thru a stretch of trees which had been damaged by forest fires past.  Mountains and snow – I tell ya…it’s a ‘can’t miss’ cure for the blues! FAAANNNNTASTIC!  Yeah, I’m hooked & now digging this day 🙂

Started the trek over our only water crossing upright; even with poles, one quick tug by Ro brought me down.  Yep, I’m human.  If there were any doubt after walking around in winter paradise, smacking your rump HARD on solid ice is a good reminder.  LOL>

Half mile further, Ro & I approached a snow cloud hugging the ground like fog.  Stared up at sun muted by blowing snow.  Brrr…and yeah! all at the same time.  Focused on keeping the trail and reaching Chicago Lakes before noon.

Over our day hike, Ro evolved from Snow Beard the Great to Ice Beard the Chatterer.  Had never heard a dog’s teeth chatter before.  Kinda cute – that said, grabbed little guy, held him close, warming his body.  Ro thanked me by rolling in more snow 🙂

2-3 miles into our hike return, snow ceased and sunshine beamed over Idaho Springs Reservoir (where I snapped this week’s ‘Ro on Ice’ shot).  2 miles further, took a short detour, walked over Echo Lake and checked out the ice fishing.  Ro didn’t catch a thing this trip – but was mighty interested.  Maybe next time.

Gloom n doom guy is gone, Colorado K* is home, happy and looking forward to hike #51 – yep, only 2 to go!

ROCKSTAR year, ROCKSTAR Colorado life!



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One Response to hike #50: Chicago Lakes (Mt Evans Wilderness Area)

  • Sarah says:

    Yahoo! for hike #50 done… so excited for you to be almost done this awesome challenge! The snow made me a bit sad… here at my mum’s in Southern Ontario there hasn’t been any snow, though the weather guys on TV said a storm is coming! It’s weird to come south and have no snow…

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