With only a handful of hikes to go in 2012, been putting a lot of thought to 2013 goals.

Being outdoors every weekend for an entire year has not only improved my health, but improved my overall mental stamina.  AND I’ve almost done it – completed a New Year’s resolution.  Wo-hoo!

Whereas 2012 was the year of K* the Hiker, 2013 most likely will be the year of K* the Runner.  And what better way to figure this all out than running my maiden Colder Boulder around scenic CU campus.

Only a 5K but in addition to my weekly hike challenge, so that’s plenty for now – and actually my 3rd road race of 2012.  AND lucky for me, Kimberly flew in for a Christmas party at her friend Annie’s home &  joined me in the race.

Unseasonably warm December race day, slow finish time – but mighty proud of my official Colder Boulder beanie 🙂


racing bibs


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