Crazy unusually dry November weather greeted my East Coaster guest Stephen.  Unlike past visits where I’ve tested his ability to instantaneously acclimate to our high altitude, this time I selected a Northern Colorado trail just over 5,500 ft elevation.

The terrain on this week’s hike reminded me of the desert landscape near Pueblo (May hike).  Fantastic rock formations jutted from the surrounding arid plains vista.  Lotta folks on today’s hike – guess not everyone was out Christmas shopping 🙂

Picture stop at the Keyhole, then off to Hunters Loop.  Only 3.2 miles roundtrip this day – but everyone went home with a smile on their face.  No altitude sickness & beautiful canyon pics — FAAAAANNNTASTIC!

Happy hike #48 – always a ton more fun hiking with friends.


Devil’s Backbone Trail map


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