Ever since the days of my 2-hour one-way train commute to Manhattan, I have been a HUGE fan of sarahontheroad.com.  Following her journeys in Nunavut province in Canada’s Far North, inspired as I slugged through my 3-year plan to relocate to Colorado.

Wasn’t ’til my move however, did I reach out and actually comment [on her blog] — and later it was Sarah who advised me ‘how’ to blog online.  Lotta initial e-learning required when launching a website.  Sarah assured me that regular folks could develop their own site – that an IT degree wasn’t required.  AND her love of blogging was contagious.  If Sarah could do it, I could journalize my ‘life-2nd half’ too!

While logging in multi-hours on sarahontheroad.com, I’ve been enthralled/hooked on Sarah’s Northern Light photo blogs – and of course anything/everything Inuit.  What a ROCKSTAR life journey!  HOWEVER, gotta think a downside of life in the Arctic (if there is one) is the ever diminishing daylight hours during winter season.

So…what better way to lift a fellow blogger’s spirits than to ship a ‘care’ package – and what gal doesn’t like chocolate?

Enjoy, sweet Sarah; I’ve enjoyed following your blog 3 years running 🙂


CHECK OUT sarahontheroad.com HERE!

crossover blog-i-sode


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  • Sarah says:

    🙂 thanks for your kind words! It was such a rush to get all of that chocolate… I’m excited to see what challenges for blogging you will be up for in 2013. 🙂 S

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