Group hike with Annmarie & John – couldn’t think of a better way to bang out hike #45 of 2012 (yes, only 7 to go!).

Annmarie single-handedly selected today’s hike, planned our group meetup, added Amy & Dave to the day’s tally, AND drove one of 2 SUVs needed to track up RMNP.  Thanks, thanks, thanks!

And as if I wasn’t excited enough, Annmarie sent out the weekend weather forecast Thursday prior – snow, heavy snow, and snow.  FAAAANNNTASTIC!  AND – on a fee FREE National Parks day.  Hooray!  ‘Cause ya’ll know: ‘free is for me!’

Arrived early at the Park but initially felt a bit duped – where was the snow?  A light dusting, sure, but no feet of snow.  The closer to Glacier Gorge trailhead however, temps dropped, resulting in heavier snow precip.  Parked, layered up, posed for group pics – then onward TEAM. (No problem with capacity parking in snowy November :))

And because Ro was hanging back at Camp Bow Wow (no dogs allowed @ RMNP), I was able to use my poles.  YES!  Last week a headlamp, this week poles – all about the accessories.  LOL>

Great conversations, lotta laughs and a heavy snowfall hike – LOVE this place, LOVE this day, LOVE these people!  AND we picked up another hiker midway, Henry from the UK (Manchester – Go United!).

The snow slowed our pace but managed a short break at The Loch.  The lake was almost completely frozen.  Snow coated my eyebrows and Annmarie’s ‘Heidi’ braids.  AWESOME day hike!

Folks wanted to head back just before we reached Glass Lake (still managed 8.57 miles roundtrip, so no slouching).  Thankfully, John was our voice of reason: ‘We came as a group, we leave as a group’.

This day the ‘journey’ ROCKED, no worries about reaching a target destination.

Ended the day with burgers at Smokin’ Dave’s in Lyons.

Top 10 best hike of 2012!  Annmarie & John – ROCKSTAR hiking BFFs!


The Loch/RMNP (heavy snowfall clip)

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