My first night hike – sorta.  Ok, ok…my first night hike without first being struck by lightning (Mt Audubon) 🙁

Flew to Salt Lake Saturday morning and spent a completely spontaneous weekend with Kimberly.  Attended four hours of piano recitals, followed by dinner at Mazza (Middle Eastern grub), then my first planned night hike.

After first layering up, we drove Big Cottonwood Canyon in search of a hike.

First stop, Brighton Ski Resort.  Too early in the season for skiing, but still a mighty nice locale for hiking.  ALSO, appears we arrived in time for a late season Halloween party in the woods (it was that or a zombie apocalypse – LOL>)  We chose an alternate route which ran us under the chair lift and provided an amazing view of the stars.  However 15 minutes in, wham! – on our backsides…the day’s sun had created a landscape of ice.

Back to the parking lot, posed by a pre-season Christmas tree and off to Solitude.  More Christmas trees – but no hike.  Argh.  Down the canyon and just off the S-curve, we found our trail – Lake Blanche.

Can’t say Lake Blanche Trail was my most challenging hike of the year – but I did fall in love with NIGHT HIKING.

NIGHT HIKING is kinda magical and spooky all at the same time.  Thousands of stars, rushing water, trail drop-offs, eery silence & unexplained night noises.  PLUS I got to wear a (borrowed) headlamp!  Two or 3 miles into our hike, sat riverside, stared skyward and talked for hours.  11:28pm when we returned to the car.  Super fun night.


Fast forward 2 days:

REI took advantage of my new ‘night hike’ passion and sold me a new Black Diamond Headlamp.  LOVE LOVE LOVE it!


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