Even the best of us high-energy folks keep items on our ‘to do’ list far too long.  For me, my hated ‘to do’s’ include: dusting, ironing, scrubbing the shower (& shower door), scrubbing toilets…and hanging pictures.

After changing 7 – yes 7 – light bulbs (another procrastication), I finally hung 2 new pieces of art received for my baptism (August 11th) & birthday (August 21st).  Thanks again to my friend Dawn and girls, Ash & Michaela.

LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing these on my walls!

‘Night Sky over Louisville’

enlarged/framed Long Lake print (hike #15)



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One Response to Gifted Artwork & Procrastination

  • Sarah says:

    Love the prints…

    I’m a procrastinator as well…this past weekend I managed to get heaps of ‘cleaning/organizing’ off my to-do list. That was only because I have a visitor staying with me for a month!

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