My friend Kimberly chose Millcreek Canyon – no more than 15 minutes from Salt Lake.

This week’s hike was sandwiched between baptisms at Salt Lake Temple and ‘Luz de las Naciones: Sus Promesas’ (cultural event) at the Convention Center.  Non stop, jam-packed weekend plans!

Desolation Trail to Salt Lake Overlook (Overlook Trail, Trail 019)-(4.8 miles round trip). Trail is accessed from the Desolation trailhead located just east of Millcreek Inn on the south side of the canyon. This a moderately strenuous hike that leads to a fantastic view of the Salt Lake Valley. The Overlook Trail is also a popular snowshoe trail in winter.

Lucky for me there was plenty of snow (’cause I LOVE SNOW)!  Snow has a way of transforming even ordinary hikes into uber scenic panoramas.  Warming afternoon temps caused heavy snowfall melt from the canyon’s tall pine branches – creating steady droplets against the stunning white backdrop & piercing sun.  Beautiful hike day!

Church on Sunday, then a quick drive to ‘This is the Place’ Heritage Park before my return flight to Colorado.

Go big or go home, zero regrets!  Taking in all of life’s moments.


(p.s. Many many thanks to Kimberly’s Aunt Carma & Uncle Don for lodging & guest room accommodations.)


Millcreek Canyon (snowmelt clip)


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2 Responses to hike #43: Millcreek Canyon (Salt Lake Valley UT)

  • Brian says:

    Since you love the snow you need to go back to Millcreek in the winter. It is an awesome place to xc ski. Great workout going up and tons of fun coming down. You can even bring the pooch and there is a yurt at the top that you can rent for an overnight. And it is literally right there in the city. Fun stuff!

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