Hike # 4-0…woo-hoo!

A few weeks ago, new hiking buddy Annmarie asked: are you more about the journey or the end destination?  After summiting 6 14ers and 3 13ers this summer, honestly I had to say I was completely 100% destination-driven.

Today – this hike – was all about the journey.

Started the morning at my friend Kimberly’s family’s cabin in Fairview UT.  The plan was to leave early (Fairview is an hour closer to Moab than Salt Lake) but when I woke at 6am, I hadn’t thought thru the obvious….mountain cabin location.  Hadn’t planned on waking to a majestic mountain panorama — viewed thru a mammoth window, in a room with 15-20 foot ceilings.  Hadn’t planned on crashing on a comfy couch by a blazing pellet stove…with outside morning temps in the 30’s.  Yep…just gets better and better 🙂

Woke Kimberly and went on a short walk while her family was starting their morning.  Beautiful day!

Didn’t actually hit the road ‘til 8:30 – took one wrong turn (typical…argh) so enjoyed a scenic, yet completely unexpected, drive through Scofield State Park.  From there it was smooth sailing to Arches (except for one police stop just south of Price :().

The landscape from Price to Moab was dry, desert-like, pixelated by tall rock-wall canyons.  Quick stop at the Visitors Center (changed from fleece to t-shirt), then off to Delicate Arch (depicted on Utah’s license plate).

The 3-mile hike to Delicate certainly wasn’t challenging but the journey, the landscape, the amazing canvas of all that is Moab – certainly was hike-worthy.  Completely lost track of time watching the late afternoon sun.

Perfect weather, perfect company, perfect day.

(Ro will be back next week.  National parks do not allow dogs – so little guy spent the weekend at Camp Bow Wow.)




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