Early morning start after a 10-hour late night drive from Colorado – only 4 hours sleep – but I was ready and excited about attending my first General Conference in Salt Lake.

Met my friend Kimberly at her home and enjoyed oatmeal AND one of her infamous Magic Bullet shakes (frozen bananas, soy milk, and fruit – I went with cherries, she with blueberries).  FANNNTASTIC start to the day!

Arrived in Temple Square – my first visit.  The temple is so beautiful, so majestic – rising straight up into early morning sunshine.  Snapped a few pics by the reflection pool, then entered the Visitors Center before viewing out first session in the Tabernacle. Being such a new LDS member, I hadn’t even seen a General Conference telecast much less attended one in person.  Put it to prayer and not only received Saturday afternoon tickets thru my Bishop, but Kimberly also received tickets for Sunday morning session thru her Bishop – AND a day prior, received a ticket for Saturday evening’s priesthood (guy’s) session through my former Lafayette ward missionary (who’s now attending college in Utah).  Yep, super blessed.

Spiritual messages perfectly timed — one directly following another (with a stand-up hymn sandwiched in between the 2 hour sessions) AND of course, the Mormon Tabernacle choir (in person!).  Met up with Kimberly’s Reno-based cousins & cousins’ children before second session.  Quick break for lunch.  Kimberly-prepared lunch is so much better than my survivalist style hike lunches.  Totally lucked out.

Dinner with the Richardson family at a restaurant overlooking Temple Square at night.  (At dinner, met Elder Andersen from the Quorum of the Twelve – I know, who has that happen?)  Breakfast with Kimberly’s former roommate Helen, husband Casey & family.  Lunch at Kimberly’s aunt/uncle’s townhome and cousins & cousins’ children.  Early dinner at Kimberly’s parents in Orem with brothers, sister, spouses & niece.

To sum up the preceding paragraph – met lots of folks who were mighty generous with food 🙂

Ended the day with a drive to Fairview UT with Kimberly & her brother Nathan (parents arrived later) to the family cabin.  Temps had dipped into the 30’s – FAAANNNTASTIC end to one AMAZING day!


Favourite quote during General Conference – by Elder M. Russell Ballard

And remember, like the little honeybee’s one-twelfth teaspoon of honey provided to the hive, if we multiply our efforts by tens of thousands, even millions of prayerful efforts to share God’s love for His children through Christian service, there will be a compounding effect of good that will bring the Light of Christ to this ever-darkening world.

Favourite message of General Conference – “See Others as They May Become”  by President Thomas S. Monson



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