Not sure if I was inspired by my sister’s aggressive running regimen or whether I simply missed the excitement associated with running in an organized race…but on Saturday September 1st, I competed in my first road race since 2009.

As a kickoff to the Labour Day weekend, my town holds an annual 5k/10M road race named Coal Creek Crossing.  Sure I only started running consistently again in July…but with me it’s always ‘Go Big or Go Home’ — so sign me up for 10 miles.  LOL>

With such an early start, was able to snap a shot of our Blue Moon followed soon after by a pic of the Saturday morning sunrise.

The race wandered over local trails in both Louisville & Lafayette — very little of the running required on paved road.  Kept my pace slow & consistent, really enjoying the experience.  THEN came mile 9.  Ok, strike that.  Rather I saw the 9 mile race marker ahead — high high UP on Aquarius Hill.  Can’t say I had ever heard of Aquarius Hill previously, but I will remember it now.

I survived of course, completed my race and headed over to the pancake breakfast pavilion.  FAAAANNNTASTIC finish!



Fast forward 2 days. I received an email detailing my race results (which I thought had been halfway decent).  Talk about humbling. Ouch!  These Coloradans are machines.  Ok, ok — just wait ’til next year.

Thanks for participating in the Coal Creek Crossing 10 Mile.


Results for K R Haga:

You placed 96th out of 132 finishers in a time of 1:36:57 for a pace of 9:42 per mile.

Out of 67 men you finished 56th. The winning time for men was 59:19.


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