My East Coast guest was still in town so took the day off and hiked a glacier. Who wouldn’t?  Mondays ROCK!

St. Mary’s Glacier is less than an hour west of Denver, just past Idaho Springs on I-70.  Paid $5 for parking (argh) and started the short ¾ mile hike UP to St. Mary’s Lake.

Talk about a bang for your buck.  Less than a mile hike and BAM you’re staring up at a large glacier field.  WOW!

Through a thicket, across tundra – then, GLACIER snow.  YES!  Sno Ro enjoyed racing across the icy expanse until we wore out our welcome – scolded by a science team studying the thinning ice.  Ho hum.  Returned via a stunning waterfall fed by the melting glacier.


(Gonna return another day and hike nearby 13er, James Peak.)


St Mary’s Glacier (short clip)


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