Abandoned 2 hikes this year – Mount Evans & Lake Dorothy (both unfinished due to weather-related excuses).

Summited Mount Evans last weekend (my 5th 14er of the year) and this weekend Lake Dorothy SUCCESS!

Inspired to get these hikes banged out before the snow flies, so planned this weekend’s lower altitude climb (12,000ft+) during an East Coast (flatlander) friend’s visit.

Hindsight…thinking maybe I could be the only one who enjoys our thin air – is that possible?  Nah.  🙂

Drove to ‘4th of July’ trailhead from Nederland over 5 miles of rough dirt road but the Prius did not let me down this day. Didn’t really have too many options though.  How would I explain to a Flatlander that our 8 mile hike starts after a 5 mile walk to the trailhead?  LOL>

FAANNNTASTIC sunshiny day hike!  And the great thing about returning to an unfinished hike, is that you unequivocally 1000% remember to stay LEFT at the trail junction this go-around…no getting lost, again!

I was losing my passenger soon after treeline. ‘I don’t see a lake’ – HA!   Honestly, he was a good sport.  2 miles of rocky incline and BAM just over the ridge, we looked down upon glacier-fed Lake Dorothy.  The wind was blowing cold (YES!) but the sun was still burning strong.  Lied back against the tundra to soak up its gathered heat.

What a beautiful day, what a blessed ROCKSTAR life!




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