Local hike week.

Great thing about living in the Flatirons is that ‘local hike week’ doesn’t have to be ‘lame hike week’.

Woke early on Sunday, drove to Chautauqua – focused to hike Royal Arch within 2 hours.  With Saturday booked with my baptism and a picnic, I was concerned this could be a ‘non-hike’ weekend.  No worries.

Royal Arch is a fairly short hike but a steep vertical climb for almost a mile before relieved by a series of switchbacks.  Summit view provides a panorama of Boulder, Boulder Rez and a glimpse of Denver (on a clear day).  And at just under 7,000 ft (elevation), found it mighty easy on the lungs & admired tall pines from start to finish (complete hike under treeline).

Trail run return with 30 minutes to spare – Ro enjoyed that excess time at Community Park with his dog brothers 🙂

Hit the showers, followed by Sunday church.  My hike challenge is still alive at 32 weeks!


protrails.com – Royal Arch

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