Due to bylaw changes in my Presbyterian faith last year, I found myself unsettled/coasting — yet afraid of change, not wanting to leave my local church family in Broomfield.

I put my concern to prayer…multiple times ‘cause I was even more concerned with the answer.

Without bearing my entire testimony on a website dedicated to the Outdoors, still gotta post a small blurb herein – as this fundamental change reflects who I am in My Colorado Life.  Still prayed up and spiritually driven but now attend a new church & adopted a new faith…one which builds on my past religious study – but essentially helps ‘connect the dots’.

I’m a hiker, an adventure seeker, a Colorado newbie; I LOVE life – and I’m a Mormon.

LDS Baptism

Baptism Day rainbow







Blog Update (9.11.2012) — thanks Kimberly!

1st month anniversary ‘pie’ surprise

Blackberry — my ALL-TIME favourite!

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