Summer Lake Day hike!

Received a clean bill of health from the doctor on Friday after last weekend’s lightning strike — but still taking it easy for 2 or 3 weeks. ALSO only seemed fair to do a hike just for Ro.  My dog LOVES snow but swimming is a close #2.

Started off early after only a 20 minute commute but parked at the wrong entrance. directs hikers to the West Portal Entrance (South Shore) which unfortunately is closed to dogs during summer.  ALSO thought it was odd that I was seeing so many women — like 30:1 ratio to men.  I walk up with my dog & backpack — past the start line up for ‘Diva Dash’, an all-women’s road race scheduled.  Sometimes you just gotta laugh at life’s mishaps.  Too darn funny.

Your girl’s weekend starts here, at the SHAPE Diva Dash Packet Pick-Up in the Millennium Room at the Millennium Hotel in Boulder.  You’ll meet your fellow Divas and get Inspired. Energized. We’ll have you ready to run, jump, splash and dash your way through the Saturday Diva Dash course in a flash. Bring your ID! You’ll need it! Don’t forget to shop the Diva Store, where we’ll be selling shorts and skorts, socks and hats, and more!

So…half a mile back to my car and maybe another mile up the road to the North Shore trailhead.  At this point starting kinda late so the sun is already warm — but this hike has only a 200 feet incline over 6 miles (virtually flat).  Walked down to a boat launch and let Ro get wet – yep, my dog’s gonna love this day 🙂

Wildlife watch at the Rez were easy pickin’s for Ro — flying grasshoppers and frogs.  Just don’t have the same game as marmots, pikas & black squirrels — poor little creatures didn’t know what hit them.  All but one of the frogs were released, grasshoppers did not fare as well.

Added Coot Lake to our day hike to extend total mileage.  Light hike day so took Ro to Community Park (Louisville dog park), went for a 3 mile run and hiked around Waneka Lake (another 2 miles) before showering and attending a late afternoon baptism.

Woke early on Sunday.  After our morning run, took Ro back to Community Park before we both got showers and headed to church.

Lazy summer days.  I’ll review this post in a few months when the snow starts flying. – Coot Lake

(p.s. Thanks Leslie for hike recommendation. Ro LOVED it, you were right!  ALSO, 3 creepy nudists – thanks for forewarning!)


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