BEFORE (May/June: over 1500 seeds planted)












AFTER (July: $20 purchase at Home Depot)












everyone’s a critic – LOL!











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5 Responses to black-eyed susan bonanza

  • Sarah says:


    love how your ‘seeds’ grew! 😉

    • KEENAN says:

      Not all of us can be superstars with our ‘new’ projects. I’d follow your lead but afghans, yarn and stuff – not really my niche either. HA!

      • Sarah says:

        …one of my jobs in Uni in the spring was working at a whole-sale greenhouse! I worked uber long hours (6 days a week, often 12-16hour days…) to be able to save money for Uni…and really only work 7 weeks before heading to my 2nd home in the summer… a Summer Camp for kids ages 5-10!

        I *might* be able to give you some pointers about flowers, AND yarn-knitting projects… 😉 if you want it… S

        • KEENAN says:

          Yeah to flower pointers, nay to knitting (maybe in 30 years…LOL). It’ll save me $$$ bucks in the long run if I focus and at least learn some basics — especially now that I own a home. Hey but remember, climate is a bit more dry than in Pang 🙂 (j/k)

          Greenhouse – what haven’t you done?

          • Sarah says:

            …my advice is to get perennials–talk to a gardening centre in your area… it’s a bit more of an investment upfront–but they come back year-after-year! So better in the long run…

            As to what I haven’t done… LOTS! I have done a lot though…but a gal still has to have some secrets!

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