Day Two ended with a surprise ‘Old West’ activity for my East Coast friends – a trail ride in the Rockies!

One had ridden a plow horse as a child, one had ridden at an Arizona Dude Ranch 15+ years ago – and one had never previously been on a horse.  No better way to start than with a 4-hour trail ride over mountain terrain.  Yeah, 4 hours.   Ouch.   LOL>

Ranch cowboys selected the horses, then we lined up and mounted our rides.  Fannie, Shooter, Simba and my horse PeterPan, started the three+ hour journey through the Estes foothills.  Wagon-ho, 90+ degrees on a dusty trail.  Truly ‘Old West’ style fun! 🙂   Oh, and payback to the host  — Peter Pan was both a biter and kicker, so got to ride in the back (and eat dust for hours :().

FOOD!  No better way to fuel a body than with a chuck wagon dinner.  Steak, beans, fried potatoes and lemonade.  FAAANNTASTIC finish to our ‘Old West’ day in the Rockies!

Hey wait there’s more – ahhh…the Holy Grail.  Parked in the campground was a wagon used on my fav childhood (book &) TV series, Little House on the Prairie.  Truly a FAAANNTASTIC finish to day!


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3 Responses to Sombrero Ranch (Estes Park CO)

  • Sarah says:

    Dude… jealous, I think I need to get on a plane for a visit now. Horses? Little house on the prairie set props? I’m in!

    • KEENAN says:

      You’re invited! And I NEED to head to Pang before your gig is over and you move south again. BUT ‘Wordless Wednesdays’ will never be the same. Enjoy vaca & your time away Sarah!

      • Sarah says:

        Done… you totally need to come visit! I recommend coming in the “spring” late March to early May (so you can do all things involving snow…) OR coming in August-early September (if you want to do some hiking!) But you can pick your times… depending on what you want to do!

        …you never know what I have up my sleeve for my ‘holidays’…there might be some posts happening, just don’t want to be chained to my computer! But knowing myself, if I’ve shot some cool photography stuff–I’ll so want to blog it!

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