Day Two with my Flatlander guests included a drive through Colorado’s most famous natural treasure – Rocky Mountain National Park.

Have previously visited RMNP a few times BR (before Ro) but only [driven] from Estes Park, ending my journey at the Alpine Center (RMNP top).  But since our day began in Glenwood Springs, had the opportunity to enter the park from the West via Grand Lake.  Trail Ridge Road is only open to cars from Memorial Day to Labour Day so this was a treat!

Stopped at Milner Pass and provided a brief (USA) geography lesson to my friends.  East of the Continental Divide, rivers flow toward the Atlantic; west of the Divide, toward the Pacific.  Two of my friends had never been West in their lives – ROCKSTAR geography lesson!

National parks = wildlife sightings

Today’s roadside – stop your car NOW – visitor was a HUGE adult elk with an equally massive rack.  Ro would have gone crazy – could be why they don’t allow dogs in the park 🙁

Up to the Alpine Center for lunch and snow pics.  Unfortunately, this Colorado day was abnormally warm – more than 60 degrees (but still 30+ degrees cooler than the park entrance).  Only snow remaining was Glacier snow – but still counts.  For the record: I promised snow &  I came through 🙂 Looked back at last July’s (2011) pics.  Lot more snow, wearing a jacket and even sported a beard.  Hmmm…

Here’s hoping we cycle back to MAJOR snow this winter.  Fingers crossed!



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