3 East Coast visitors here for a few days – hooray!  Wanted to show off my state – but limiting that tour to parts of Colorado not currently on fire 🙁   Fires to the north, a new fire to the south (near Colorado Springs) – Go WEST young man!

Dropped Ro off at Cottonwood Kennels for 2 days.  He’ll play for a solid 48 hours, then crash at home for the next 24 after being out day & night with the boys.  That’s his history after Ashton’s graduation in early May.  Expect the same this go-around.

South to Denver, then 2 ½ hours west on I-70 to Glenwood Springs.  Probably the most amazing stretch of interstate highway in America – traversing through staggering Glenwood Canyon.  Refueled in Georgetown, then full-steam ahead to Hanging Lake – a ‘no dogs allowed’ hike.  Since Ro was at Cottonwood, decided to fit in many ‘no dogs allowed’ points into our all-Colorado itinerary.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNqcNH7ez4k&feature=related  (I-70 thru Glenwood Canyon)

4 of us started the trail at Hanging Lake – one little Indian suffered altitude sickness, then there were 3 (poor Sheila).

1.2 mile vertical climb to the top – SPECTACULAR view!  Crystal clear water, emerald green hue, and a mountain waterfall.  Sure that mountain spring was cold but I needed to be in the water – that’s the W-O-W moment!  Shot a video short of the waterfall.  SUCCESS!

Hanging Lake (waterfall video)

Did the return hike in just over 30 minutes, regrouped and eased to our evening vacation activity – Glenwood (mineral) Hot Springs.  (Naturally) geo-thermally heated, then cooled down to 104-degrees so we guests are not boiled alive 🙂

Day One ended with smiles – good sign for tomorrow!



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