Feeling a bit under the weather – bronchitis from the recent fires – was looking for a relatively easy hike…no 3rd straight 14er weekend for me.  A co-worker spoke highly of Ceran St. Vrain.  Her dogs love water and this hike crosses the St. Vrain more than a few times.  Named for an 1800’s fur trader, just past the trailhead in Jamestown walked through an all-pine forest.  So FRESH – love the smell of pine!

Didn’t start this hike ‘til 10am so shared the trail with many many others. Easy 45-minute hike OUTDOORS, which lifted my spirits.

Lunch on the St. Vrain riverbank, then got inspired.  Hey – why not hike back UP the river?  Sole was cracked from last week’s Quandary summit…was gonna toss these shoes anyway.  Weather was HOT, water cold – great combo for our first ‘river’ hike.

Met a few tree dilemmas – climb over or under?  Surprisingly, not always so obvious.   Under – you’re bending down in the water.  Over – one wrong move, crunch and ouch.  LOL>  Then of course never expected to see snakes 🙁

Highly recommend taking the road less travelled – ROCKSTAR day!


protrails.com – Ceran St Vrain


Sounds a lot like the plot of James Michener’s Centennial – hmmm….



http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Charles_Bent  (first governor of NM territory & scalped alive by Pueblo Indians – ouch)



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