Feeling blue — 2 days with a scratchy sore throat (forest fire smoke-related), today’s company outing couldn’t have come at a better time. Rockies MLB game at Coors Field in Denver — and Flag Day no less — all the makings of a potential ‘best day ever’!  LOL>

AND — I had a dream.  Not a MLK dream but of the number ‘6’.  So…today I fully expected to see the Rockies score ‘6’ runs.  Sure we were behind 4-0 after 3 innings but I had faith.  I shared ‘6’ with my co-workers — who may not have believed, but kept entertained watching a losing ball game.

A few more innings later, it’s 6-0 Oakland so I’ve come to conclude that ‘6’ was for the visiting team.  Top of the 9th [inning], 7 runs then 8.  Ugh.  What happened to ‘6’?  The stands are now emptying — folks wanting to beat traffic home from the stadium.

SMACK — a Rockies home run.  Moments later, another run.  Bottom of the 9th — I still had faith.  HA!

Fly ball and it’s over…8-2 Oakland.  Hmmm…they won by ‘6’ runs 🙂



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