The High Park fire in Fort Collins, still only 10% contained, has burned over 46,000 acres and added a campfire smell to life in my ‘hood — more than an hour away from the fire.  4 days of haze and smoke – done, check.  Ready to move on to something new.

Don’t worry (next week’s) visitors!  I’m re-planning your Colorado vacation to limit smoke exposure.  Our state is HUGE — so many things to see and do.  Western Slope is more than 3 hours west — no smoke there 🙂

High Park (Ft Collins) fire



UPDATE (6.17.2012):  Fire still only 20% contained and expects to burn through the summer (until snow flies again).  Crazy to think that my April 7th Greyrock Mountain hike no longer exists. The mountain of course would still be there but all vegetation is gone. It’s nature’s way, but mighty destructive.


Red-flag warning up for High Park fire that already burned 181 homes




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