Find courage USA – don’t be afraid of change!  Taxation is not the only way to fund American socialism.

North Dakota considers eliminating property tax

Quote I find most disheartening, unforgiving:

“It’s mind-boggling, really,” he said, in an interview, of the effects of such a ban. “We’d be changing everything, frankly.”

Our generation is college-educated and were MIND-BOGGLED over change?  Our founding fathers were home-schooled on slates yet formed a nation.  What happened to our COURAGE?  When did WE evolve into the Roman Empire destined to unravel?

We learned taxation from the English.  250 years later, how ’bout an American solution?  Learn from history, take from history, do not scan-copy doctrine from generations past.  Come on — someone else catch fire.  Get involved!

THEY really don’t have the solutions. THEY don’t climb mountains.  THEY’VE completely lost touch — and like any muscle…have lost the ability, the ability to govern.

Our generation: we’re not afraid to lead — just painfully complacent.  Get inspired!


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