DIFFICULT climb today — our second 14er, Quandary Peak.

Clear weather forecast so Ro & I didn’t leave home ’til almost 8am.  Drive took us west past the Continental Divide, through Eisenhower tunnel, south on Colorado 9 through Frisco & Breckenridge to a small town named Blue River.  Crazy me, thought the ‘Quandary Peak’ sign was the trailhead marker.  2 miles later through dense forest we found the ‘other’ road (& trailhead) and started our hike, albeit delayed.

Less than a mile of forest & meadows before we reached ROCK.  Rock is deceptively arduous and hard on the body.  ‘Quarry’ Peak might be a more apt name for this hike.  ROCK — big ROCK, broken ROCK, shale ROCK, boulder ROCK, then more loose ROCK.  

Not our finest hour.  Ro & I went through all 5 bottles of water, felt the altitude and frequently stopped for oxygen.  Clear weather yeah but 40 MPH wind gusts further slowed our pace and dampened my spirit.  Quitter mode was setting in — argh!  Lucky for me we were trekking against 2 groups of 3 hikers (for a while I thought they were the same group – both 2 guys and a gal).  We started to encourage & call out to one another which was the push I needed this day.  Ro & I summited then fast crashed by the far-end summit Inukshuk.  I started incorporating the other hikers into my dream so must have slept hard for 20 minutes.  LOL>
Hung out with Sean, Nicole and Ian — all East Coast transplants, NY PA & FL (panhandle) for an hour.  Food, rest, conversation and my life spirit was back! Our bad selves just completed 2 14ers over two weekends.  Amazing summit shots, a short choppy video (1st time using this feature), my COLORADO LIFE ROCKS!

Wildlife check this hike — marmots, pikas and a mountain goat (snapped a pic of the goat).

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