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today’s fire — 5 miles west of my Louisville home

Louisville (Boulder County) Neighborhood

Louisville (Boulder County) Neighborhood

Another day above 100-degrees; I think Hell’s sprung a leak.  Argh!

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Day Two ended with a surprise ‘Old West’ activity for my East Coast friends – a trail ride in the Rockies!

One had ridden a plow horse as a child, one had ridden at an Arizona Dude Ranch 15+ years ago – and one had never previously been on a horse.  No better way to start than with a 4-hour trail ride over mountain terrain.  Yeah, 4 hours.   Ouch.   LOL>

Ranch cowboys selected the horses, then we lined up and mounted our rides.  Fannie, Shooter, Simba and my horse PeterPan, started the three+ hour journey through the Estes foothills.  Wagon-ho, 90+ degrees on a dusty trail.  Truly ‘Old West’ style fun! 🙂   Oh, and payback to the host  — Peter Pan was both a biter and kicker, so got to ride in the back (and eat dust for hours :().

FOOD!  No better way to fuel a body than with a chuck wagon dinner.  Steak, beans, fried potatoes and lemonade.  FAAANNTASTIC finish to our ‘Old West’ day in the Rockies!

Hey wait there’s more – ahhh…the Holy Grail.  Parked in the campground was a wagon used on my fav childhood (book &) TV series, Little House on the Prairie.  Truly a FAAANNTASTIC finish to day!


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