Per Dr. Glenn — no rock climbing, no Saturday or Sunday hikes (maybe Monday depending on Ro), no baths, no swimming.  That’s a lot of ‘NOs’.  Friday was ‘Happy Sterilization Day’ for Rowan O’Roark.  Couldn’t quite find the ‘right’ card for this occasion 🙂

Memorial Day Monday — Ro and I lazily roll off the couch and lil’ guy heads for the backdoor (an entrance to the garage).  I oblige, open the door and the begging begins.  Days of being cooped up/trapped inside — with ‘the cone of shame’ affixed around his head — my pup wants O-U-T.

A co-worker once bragged about an excellent hike for her & her Huskies nearby — only 30 minutes away in Eldorado Springs.  Quick online research, backpack jammed with water & snacks, and BAM — we’re in the car by 10am.

Eldorado Springs — another ‘hippie’ town who complacently never voted ‘YES’ for paved roads.  That’s 2 so far this year — Ward (shanty town) CO and now ElDo (as known by its natives).

Unofficial start of Colorado hiking season is Memorial Day so shouldn’t be surprised — park is CLOSED to cars due to overcrowding. COLORADO ROCKS!  (Almost) ALL other U.S. states are plagued with obesity, yet my state’s parks are at capacity.  How cool is that?

Ro and I drive back to ElDo, find parking in a shady trailer park, and hike into ElDorado Canyon.  Paid our $3 ‘walk-in’ fee and the attendant hands me a bag of Milk-Bone trail mix for Ro.  LOVE LOVE this place!

Settled on Rattlesnake Gulch — only 4 miles roundtrip and includes burnt-out 1920’s Crags Hotel and view of the Continental Divide. ALSO, on the hike up I noted a cave on the other side of South Boulder Creek — check, doing that 🙂

Bird-watching husband/wife (watching nesting golden eagles) took our picture at Continental Divide Overlook.  Thanks!

Day ended with a dip in the river.  Dr. Glenn said NO to bathing and swimming – nothing specific about wading 🙂


Eldorado Canyon State Park


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