Day 3’s theme was ‘SUN’ but last minute added a ‘SNOW’ preview to our trip agenda too!

Started the day in Pueblo and drove north an hour to Manitou Springs (20 minutes west of Colorado Springs).  Two tickets on the Pikes Peak Cog Railway hauled the adults to their first 14er summit – and provided a preview to Day 4’s itinerary of high (oxygen-lite) altitude and snow.  Ro and I spent the time hiking Barr Trail (which ultimately also reaches Pikes Peak).  We stopped 4 miles UP at Cog Stop #3, then trail ran down the return – in time to meet our trip posse.

Quick lunch, then off to nearby Garden of the Gods.

If yesterday was ‘Egypt’ in the Rockies, today was ‘Arizona’ in the Rockies.  Majestic sandstone spires jutting from the landscape – all against a Pikes Peak backdrop.  Scaling rock climbers ensured our eyes stayed glued skyward.  And inspired Ashton did ‘Atlas’ proud at Balanced Rock – holding the universe/er…large rock on her mighty shoulders 🙂


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