Cool cloudy day – rain forecasted for the afternoon.  Additionally, had a Flatlander visitor this weekend (before a work conference the following week in Denver).  Decided on a local hike in Longmont – no huge altitude, no road trip.  Quick out-and-back and no one pukes (from altitude sickness) 🙂

Rattlesnake Mountain was renamed ‘Rabbit’ Mountain to increase park attendance.  Er…saw zero rabbits but did see multiple snake tunnels near a flat rocky stretch of the hike.  But although we saw no rabbits, at the trailhead was an entire prairie dog colony.  Camouflaged well against the landscape, life as a prairie dog could be a good one – if they didn’t chirp so often and so loudly.  Their ‘alarm’ system worked as an ‘alert’ system for Ro – no possibility of a ‘leash-less’ hike for Rowan O’Roark this week.

Hike highlight – WILDFLOWERS.  Vivid spring colours garnished this trail.

Back in before the rain – and no snakes 🙂

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